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Senior Executive Advisor

As Longfellow’s Senior Executive Advisor, Suzanne consults with clients seeking to develop business through community outreach,
marketing, events, member relations, programming and sponsorships. With over 12 years of experience managing the strategic development of new business for the leadership, senior partners and executive clients of a regional New England law firm,
she has a proven track record of successfully advising executives
across industries.


Regarded for her tenacity and attention to detail, Suzanne’s network extends across the state. She’s developed Presidential Inaugural receptions and overseen strategy and execution of multi-year initiatives generating new business opportunities through partnerships, sponsorships, conferences, and messaging.


In all of her work, Suzanne utilizes strategic communications to help clients deal more effectively day-to-day with any stakeholder whether they are board members, customers, government officials, investors or potential new business development relationships.

Originally from Waterville, Suzanne lives in Freeport with her husband. They enjoy spending time with their family including their four daughters.

Suzanne Pierce: Team
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