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Content Strategist

Rachel utilizes an integrated approach in serving clients' business objectives with thoughtfully curated digital content, community engagement, analytics, marketing, and events. Having lived and worked internationally, Rachel possesses a unique perspective on the importance of communicating with purpose. Working special events in New York City and assisting former heads of state, Nobel laureates, and other high-level attendees, she garnered firsthand experience with public relations and affairs.

During her travels across four continents and throughout her career, Rachel has artfully harnessed compelling communication

styles and has built a network that extends across borders. While at an immigration law firm and working with clients on their legal cases, Rachel employed strategic communication to help with legal developments. Whether she is backpacking across Southeast Asia or assisting clients with final book proofreads, she maintains a high-level of attention to communication style.

Rachel grew up in Falmouth and graduated from Aberystwyth University, Wales. She holds a Master of Laws in International Business Law from Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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