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Marketing Content Manager

Lilly is an accomplished marketing professional with a background in content management, creative production, digital marketing, and brand strategy. She combines an intuitive understanding of high performance content with a keen eye for emerging trends to deliver quality results. With expertise in managing cross-functional teams, overseeing creative production, and implementing content marketing strategies, she excels in bringing ideas to life. Her ability to seamlessly leverage data-driven insights while fostering authentic connections with audiences make her a valuable asset in the realm of creative content and strategic brand management.

Throughout the course of her diverse professional background, Lilly has thrived in both agency and in-house roles, including her contributions to a renowned brand specializing in artisanal food products. Prior to moving to Maine, she spent nearly a decade studying and working internationally in several European countries. Drawing on all of these experiences, she brings a unique and nuanced perspective to her work. 

Lilly is a graduate of Champlain College with a degree in Business and Fine Art. She lives with her partner and son in South Portland.

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